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Xetron Corporation is an infosec contracting firm. They specialize in small size, low power consumption, battery operated solutions for collection systems, receivers/transmitters, communications systems, unattended ground sensor systems, and tagging, tracking and locating systems.

Xetron is a key part of the Land Forces Division of Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems, specializing in providing solutions that meet "operational needs or fill technology gaps." NGES was itself created through NG's acquisition of Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group in 1996; the same year Xetron was purchased. The division has 120 locations worldwide, including 72 international offices, and approximately 24,000 employees. Accounting for 20% of company sales in 2005, it is the single largest sector (business unit) in the Corporation.

They worked with HBGary and Palantir on attribution, the practice of identifying those who wish to remain anonymous on the internet. HBGary CEO Aaron Barr discussed the partnership in passing in this collection of e-mails in December 2009. In the same e-mails, Aaron Barr references an upcoming meeting with Bill Lutti, a representative of Northrop Grumman; Xetron was acquired by Northrop Grumman in 1996.

Also appearing in those e-mails linked above is Bill Thompson, manager of cyber solutions at Xetron, who appears to have worked with Barr directly.

Our proven solutions, which include both COTS and custom "components," cover Radio Frequency (RF) Systems as well as Information Operations (IO) to include Computer Network Operations (CNO) for cyber applications. Xetron is a world leader in specialized RF Applications and Information Operations.

As an industry leader in radio communications interference mitigation, we not only solve your cosite interference issues using sophisticated modeling, collection systems, receivers/transmitters, communications systems, unattended ground sensor systems, and tagging, tracking and locating systems. Some of our very small products incorporate custom RF integrated circuits, designed here at Xetron and developed at our Advanced Technology Center.

In the information operations/cyber market, our extensive experience with operating systems enables us to specialize in information assurance (encryption, tamper protection, intrusion detection, and recovery after compromise) in addition ‘’ to reverse engineering and computer assault.’’ We also provide secure methods of communicating within a system.

‘’The Xetron Computer Cosite Model (XCCM) allows for the evaluation of cosite mitigation techniques using computerized modeling rather than field testing. Equipped with mathematical models of currently used mitigation techniques the XCCM has the capability to evaluate the performance of communications systems, and isolate both performance and dominant interference causes. This data is used to assess and design radio systems that operate with greater efficiency in a severe cosite environment. ‘’Northrop Grumman-Xetron has extensive experience identifying Cosite problems on multiple platforms and applying custom solutions tailored to specific communication needs.’’