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Vigilant Solutions

Name change in August 07th of 2012, previously known as "Vigilant Video".

Company founded in 2005 by Shawn Smith and Dr. Dinh Tien Son.

Company claims to operate the largest LPR / ANPR data-sharing initiative in North America with over 1 Billion records.

Maintains an aggregated National Vehicle Location Service (NVLS) which is compromised of hundreds of millions of points of data acquired from various license plate recognition technology sources.

This data is acquired from government and law enforcement agencies as well as tow truck and repo firms, the company also offers car mounted camera systems and cellphone apps to automatically relay license plate images to their database for storage and analysis.

  • Vigilant Solutions main platform is LEARN, in their own words LEARN transforms disparate sets of data into actionable intelligence. Data such as Fixed LPR, Mobile LPR, vehicle registration expiration data, property records, criminal history and jail booking information, and more is easily condensed into meaningful and visual intelligence
  • Vigilant Solutions has, at last count, been awarded $1,885,191 worth of US government contracts, comprising 62 purchase orders from agencies ranging from the California Highway Patrol to ICE. Their site claims Over 2,500 agencies and 30,000 sworn as customer base, with over 1.2 billion records total and around 50 million records added per month.