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Unveillance is a company active in the field of botnet analysis and specializing in distributed sinkhole design. According to CEO&President Karim Hijazi (Fri, 11 Mar 2011 00:55:45 -0600) "most of" his team members (ie technical staff) came from the Mariposa Working Group (MWG) formed in May 2009 to analyze and destroy the Mariposa botnet. MWG was composed of Defence Intelligence Inc., the Georgia Tech Information Security Center and Panda Security, along with additional unnamed security researchers and law enforcement agencies.

Compare to Endgame Systems' ipTrust.



  • Accenture
  • SoftLayer


  • Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI)
  • Intelligence & National Security Alliance (INSA)
  • InfraGard


Unveillance Launches Data Leak Intelligence Service to Illuminate Botnet-infected Organizations, Governments and Regions - 15.4.2011

Official Statement on LulzSec breach - 3.6.2011

Hackers fight rivals, FBI to curb hijacked networks - 21.6.2011