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Telestrategies describes itself as "the leading producer of telecommunications conference events in the United States. Since its launch, the firm has produced over three hundred industry events attracting over 10,000 telecommunications professionals globally"

They specialize in; "service creation, taxation, billing output, revenue assurance, e-care, customer experience management, lawful intercept and web 2.0 strategy".

Telestrategies also holds various "IIS World trainings" in the United States, Dubai, Prague and Malaysia, which became notorious after WikiLeaks released the spyfiles, which contains documents and flyers from companies who specialize in lawful interception, deep packet inspection, trojans, hacking software, surveillance technology and more.

Little is known about the ISS World conferences, only wrote about it in 2006, at that point, ISS world only had about 50 visitors, now a days it has thousands of visitors from all over the world, countries like India, Saudi Arabia and south-sudan are visitors to the show.

Organisers: Jerry Lucas