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A full treatment of this subject is beyond our site's scope, however, The Tactical Technology Collective's Quick Guide to Alternatives is a brief, well-assembled overview of security and privacy tools.

Journalists and activists may further find Security in a Box useful; the product of a partnership between Frontline Defenders and Tactical Technology Collective. The site contains guides to securing live communications and stored data.

More recent: Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance, a whitepaper from Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Also check out the CryptoParty handbook and A Buyer's Guide to Safer Communication by Quinn Norton.

A quick guide to software alternatives from Tactical Tech.

Prism Break provides an overview of software that can assist in defeating or avoiding recently revealed state spying programs such as XKeyscore and PRISM.



Search for preliminary company info at There is a full text EDGAR search for SEC filings.

U.S. Corporate Information Portal - Links to all fifty Secretaries of State

Virginia State Corporation Commission, Maryland Secretary of State: Corporation Search, D.C. Corp Online System

SourceWatch is a project of the Center for Media and Democracy, with ample information on front groups, cutouts, and paid shills in D.C. and elsewhere. Created by Sheldon Rampton in 2003; originally "DisinfoPedia".

Crocodyl - Collaborative Research on Corporations

SIC code and NAICS lookups here or here for U.S. companies; compare to E.U. NACE.

Corporation Wiki

1-800 directory

Mandasoft mergers and acquisitions database

Data Mining Conferences Worldwide

Semantic Risk Representation Model Syntax and explanatory PDF


Cryptome - Before WikiLeaks, there was John Young's site, a compendium of the State's memory holes. Archive browsing temporarily closed due to bot abuse; use a search engine.

The Sunlight Foundation offers a number of very powerful and intuitive tools for government research, such as Poligraft (bookmarklet for relations among news story subjects) and Muckrock (a public FOIA repository currently in closed beta)


Government Printing Office Access

The U.S. Intelligence Community: Information Resources from the Lehman Social Sciences Library @ Columbia University

"Navigating the Military Internet" @ Dudley Knox Naval Postgraduate Library

Cyberspace & Information Operations Study Center @ USAF Air University

Jane's Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis

Defense Technical Information Center

Pentagon Library


Spokeo person search This people search tool is quite powerful, and will trawl through a variety of resources for search results. Can even show IP addresses.

Spies Online

Property Records




A Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions

IceRocket - social network searches


Anonymous Publishing




JotOnce - Password-protected textdrop



Dinkypage - HTML with custom URLs

Pastebin - known to give out IPs to anyone who asks so use a proxy

Collaborative Text

If you need your own server, consider Gobby or MoonEdit.

Mozilla Etherpad - Supports password-protected team workspaces!

Telecomix Etherpad

Piratenpartei Pad - supports in-pad images

PiratePad - no HTTPS - no HTTPS

Disposable Chat Rooms


Disposable Chat(beta)

Chatzy - Features translation capabilities