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"I think that someone could automate much of the social reconnaissance process and could create a mechanism for getting people to open malware that is much more effective than what exists today. This capability could be highly targeted based on profession, company, friends, etc." - Aaron Barr

"Now think of our opponents who are unfettered by government constraints, and in fact are encouraged to be as entrepreneurial as they can be. And overlay that with the number of smart people they have available to advance their cause, combined with enthusiasm for success unfettered by high expectations of wealth. It’s downright scary. In the long run we’ll likely have to make fundamental changes in the way the internet is implemented to close ALL the loopholes to hacking, something not likely in our lifetime but essential to security I would think." - Tom Conroy of NG to Aaron Barr, Jan 26th 2010

From: Greg Hoglund, December 3, 2009 2:28 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Fucking dicks

Dude, Prince is a fucking hero, these demo's are assholes