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Provide Security LLC is a "security" firm best known for its social network trolling as well as attempting to "out" participants in the Occupy movement. They are believed to be a force behind much of this wiki's botspam.

According to their website:

Provide Security associates are handpicked from the ranks of highly trained and experienced former agents of the US Secret Service, members of U.S. Special Forces, Global Intelligence Agencies and other premier law enforcement organizations. Our experts are Board Certified in multiple aspects of Security from leading Security Associations, including ASIS International, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and ISC2. Based upon their extensive training and experience in IT Security, Physical Security, Executive Protection and Investigations our professionals are uniquely skilled and well versed in the latest concepts of Convergence in the Security Field. Our approach has been used for tackling many security issues and providing solutions.


The Limited Liability Company consists of Thomas Ryan[1] and Kevin Schatzle[2].

Kevin P. Schatzle

(Not to be confused with Kevin B. Schatzle of En Pointe)

NYTimes Article from 1989 where Kevin Schatzle was sentenced to 6 months in prison for excessive use of force[3]

Listed on the Faculty of Henley-Putname University In the Strategic Security department[4].


Suspect Detection Systems Board Member Jan. 2010[6].

Journal of Physical Security Board Member[7].

Listed as the Director of Corporate Security for Novartis Corporation.

Linkedin Page[8].

Personal Website[9].


Thomas Ryan

According to the New Jersey Department of Revenue the LLC is registered to Thomas Ryan at: 256 Green St. Old Bridge, NJ 08857 Phone: 732-360-2654

Former addresses for Provide Security LLC include: 86 Amber St. Staten Island, NY 10306 Phone: 212-555-1212 (I'm not kidding you, that's the phone number on file when this address was used.)

Former Partner at SiegeWorks International, which sold to Vigilar. As of March 6, 2006, SiegeWorks LLC operates as a subsidiary of FishNet Consulting, Inc. [11]. Copies of seclist archives from Ryan while at Siegeworks Intl in 2005 [12].

Owner of Thomas Ryan LLC. With adresses on record at:

256 Green St. Old Bridge, NJ 08857

256 Green St. Sayerville, NJ 08871

256 Green St. Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Phone: 732-234-3972 for Thomas Ryan LLC.

Personal Website [13]

A delightful Op-Ed in which Ryan writes "Private military security companies, employed by the US government, other nation-states, and corporations play a crucial role in ensuring that 'an open international economic system' remains open."


LinkedIn gives the HQ address as:
Harborside Plaza
Jersey City, New Jersey 07097

Twitter: @providesecurity.

Provide Security has been known to do business with Critical Defence.

Thomas Ryan's "Getting in Bed With Robin Sage" - PDF, Video

Media Reports

US security chiefs tricked in social networking experiment - 24.7.2010

Tom Ryan, owner of Provide Security, leaks Thousands of Occupy Wall Street Emails - 15.10.2011

Provide Security Vs Anonymous - 16.10.2011