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Principals: HBGary, Palantir and Berico were collectively known as Team Themis; hired by lobbying firm Hunton & Williams who was in turn hired by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to discredit WikiLeaks. See Media Reports for more information.


Operation Earnest Voice
CIA - Never proven to be involved with HBGary etc (but see In-Q-Tel).
Cognitive Infiltration
Total Information Awareness
Element 17


Team Themis
Northrop Grumman & Xetron
Cobham Analytic Solutions (SPARTA, inc)

Endgame Systems: Was quietly working with Team Themis, the totally gay name chosen by HBGary, Palantir, and a few other parties under which to pursue their financially promising conspiracies on behalf of Bank of America and U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Endgame personnel wrote a surprisingly accurate report on Wikileaks and Anonymous in early 2011. Anonymous copy editors deployed to the scene considered it to be a breath of fresh air after having gone through tens of thousands of e-mails written by the sort of people who apparently don't read, such as HBGary Federal chief operating husband Greg Hoglund.

Booz Allen Hamilton
Cubic Corporation
Hacking Team

In-Q-Tel: CIA-linked venture capital firm that's provided funding to Palantir and Facebook, among other tech firms of the sort considered to be desirable partners to the U.S. intelligence community.

Gamma International: Revealed to have proposed the use of their IT intrusion and remote monitoring software to Mubarak regime security elements during the Egyptian revolts.

Wyle Laboratories: A firm which was awarded a $25,000,000 contract for the providing of various surveillance and information utility services to the USAF - at the same time that Booz Allen Hamilton was awarded another, less well-described set of services to the same branch - and for almost the exact same amount of money.



John Woods - Hunton & Williams' primary access to HNGary.
Tom Donohue @ Chamber of Commerce

Greg Hoglund: If peppering one's e-mails with the term "dude" despite being a middle-aged coder-capitalist who sure as fuck looks like one and even referring to one's self as a "badass" while presumably sober were a crime, this man would... probably get away with it, actually, since working with the feds to break laws and destroy American pluralism apparently grants you some sort of magical immunity card.

Richard Marshall - DHS Cyber Security Director
Lisa Porter - Head of IARPA
Kathy Warden - VP, Cyber & SIGINT Systems, Northrup Grumman
Brian Masterson - Xetron CTO
Steve Chabot - (R-OH, 1st District) U.S. House '95-'09


CALEA: The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) is a United States wiretapping law passed in 1994, during the presidency of Bill Clinton (Pub. L. No. 103-414, 108 Stat. 4279, codified at 47 USC 1001-1010). In its own words, the purpose of CALEA is: To amend title 18, United States Code, to make clear a telecommunications carrier's duty to cooperate in the interception of communications for Law Enforcement purposes, and for other purposes.