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Top Secret America - Sept. 2010 (ongoing)

The Spy Files

WikiLeaks files expose surveillance-industrial complex 1.12.11

The art and science of communications intelligence 1.12.11

Surveillance: A thriving British industry 1.12.11


Timeline 16.2.2011

Leaked HBGary Documents Show Plan To Spread Wikileaks Propaganda For BofA... And 'Attack' Glenn Greenwald 9.2.11

A comprehensive account of Team Themis and the manner in which Palantir, HBGary, and Belrico combined their methodologies in pursuit of various conspiracies on behalf of Bank of America and Chamber of Commerce through their common law firm Hunton & Williams Feb.2011

The leaked campaign to attack WikiLeaks and its supporters 11.2.11

More facts emerge about the leaked smear campaigns 15.2.11

E-Mails Hacked By 'Anonymous' Raise Concerns 16.2.11

Leaksource: Glenn Greenwald Explains Chamberleaks 16.2.11 - With AV links

Democrats Call For Probe of Top D.C. Law Firm 1.3.11

Congress Opens Investigation Into HBGary Federal Scandal 17.3.11


Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media 17.3.11 - Guardian article by Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain

Anonymous: Why does U.S. Central Command want to create phony online identities? 17.3.11

Anonymous: Government contractor has weaponized social media 18.3.11 - Tech Herald article drawing on our early research and focusing on particular aspects, companies involved in Metal Gear

Audio discussion between Buffalo Beast editor and Congressional candidate Ian Murphy and Barrett Brown on the nature and threat of Metal Gear 5.5.11

Anonymous: Operation Metal Gear


US Army may have used PSYOP against senators 25.2.1

Pentagon CIO Announcement 25.4.11 - All branches of the military are being migrated to a single, industry-designed information-sharing sysem

U.S. Air Force Research Labs awards ISS $49.9mil Task Order for cloud-based ISR system 25.4.11

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman wants cybersecurity responsibilities moved from DHS to DoD/CYBERCOM 11.4.11 - There would be privacy concerns and misgivings about the U.S. military working in the domestic realm, but "it needs to be done," Pace said.

Head of STRATCOM warns the Senate Armed Services Committee that state-based network attacks against US infrastructure are growing (PDF) 29.3.11 Exclusive: Northrop Grumman Awards Lobbyist $500K Bonus Weeks Before Becoming Low-Paid Congressional Staffer Shaping Military Policy


FBI's Counterterrorism Operations Scrutinizing Political Activists - 30.5.2011

Persona Management

Patent #20090313274

The Secret State's Quest for 'Persona Management Software'

Are You Following a Bot?


Global surveillance supermarket offered to dictators 1.12.11

Does RSA SecurID have a US gov't-authorized back door? 23.5.11

2002 New York Times piece describing relatively early work by Pentagon on surveillance and modelling capabilities being deployed against American citizens

Russia TV on FBI surveillance of activists via GPS units

Appeals Court Revives Lawsuit Challenging NSA Surveillance of Americans 21.3.11

Privacy, Freedom, and the All Seeing Eye: The Panopticon - 2.5.2011