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NevinTelecom bid on the USAF persona management contract, making them a company of interest. This is their description from [their corporate website:

"NevinNet Corporation is a leading provider of end-to-end broadband wireless systems that deliver the quadruple play of data, voice, video and mobility to all organizations today. We are 100 percent focused on wireless technology, and that focus enables us to provide a complete portfolio of WLAN, Wi-Fi mesh, WiMAX (point-to-multipoint), and point-to-point technologies. Regardless of the application, our end-to-end product portfolio enables partners to custom-build the wireless solution that fits customers' specific needs. Our broadband wireless equipment is used by enterprises, service providers, carriers, government entities, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, municipalities and other organizations that need high-performance, secure and scalable broadband wireless solutions."

Elsewhere on their website, NevinTelecom notes:

"NevinNet has built a reputation of high quality services by only taking on projects we know we can execute with the commitment required by our valuable clients. We maintain strong subcontracting and partner relationships with a wide range of firms and technical service providers to give you access to the highest quality services available. Our talented staff implements successful project plans and drives timelines to ensure your project’s success. At NevinNet we value our creativity, flexibility, and solutions-driven culture, and look forward to serving you."

The fragment in bold would seem to indicate that NevinTelecom was planning to serve as a sort of broker/compiler for the apparatus requested, farming out the project to subcontractors.

Contact info:

Email:[email protected]

Work Phone: (925) 289 3355