Misattributable marketing services

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"Misattributable marketing services" is a capability that appears to have been called for in a market survey put out by an unknown division of the U.S. federal government, as shown in an e-mail exchange that occurred between HBGary CEO Aaron Barr, Archimedes Global CEO Tim Riesen, and TASC employee Chris Clair in the midst of their efforts to set up a series of companies capable of winning the contract for Romas/COIN. From the term, the capability presumably involves the practice of conducting marketing in support of information operations (Romas/COIN, for instance, involves a large and multi-faceted marketing component) in such a manner as to hide the actual identity of those responsible.

The exchange occurs as follows:

Tim Riesen: Do either of you know anything about a market survey that just was recently released that called for "‘misattributable marketing services?"

Chris Clair: Nada - but I am checking with our BD.

Aaron Barr: By same customer? [potentially referring to customer for Romas/COIN, that being the project that the three of them were in the habit of discussing]

Tim Riesen: Yes

Aaron Barr: Hmmmm.... Let me ask. Meeting with John tomorrow.

Aaron Barr: Ever heard of Reingold, Inc.?

Tim Riesen: No

Aaron Barr: Someone that works on program has significant social connections with this group. Just curious.

Tim Riesen: Will ask around

Aaron Barr: one other question. Does AOL have a capability in this area?

Tim Riesen: America Online?

Aaron Barr: Yes

Aaron Barr: There is a market survey out. I suggest u contact Jason, the COTR to try and get on the distro. Any more on this Tim?

Tim Riesen: Ok. Not sure.

Tim Riesen: I saw the survey yesterday. If it isn't COIN, that it is just like it.