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Of interest due to CEO being retired Lieutenant General David Deptula, who's also on board of directors of C5i, which itself is pursuing Persona Management. Described as "an agile systems integration company that develops new technology solutions for security challenges".

Activities listed on website:

  • Performance modeling
  • Operations research
  • Assessment and analytics
  • Requirements analysis
  • Embedded systems
  • RF Systems
  • Data management
  • Control systems
  • Electro-mechanical prototyping
  • Platform integration
  • Operations and maintanence
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Test and evaluation
  • C5ISR
  • Electronic warfare
  • Soldier systems

Airship program dubbed Blue Devil Block II is scheduled to perform surveillance over large areas in Afghanistan starting in 2012. From an article:

"The Blue Devil, scheduled for active duty next year, can cover 36 square miles of battlefield and terrain. The $211 million project has the potential to forever change overhead surveillance techniques, according to Lt. Gen. David Deptula (USAF-Ret'd). He's at the helm of Mav 6, which designed and built the gigantic airship.

The Blue Devil's eyes in the sky, coupled with what essentially is a floating super computer, will be on duty for five days at a time in a sector. Scanning below from a perch approximately 20,000 feet above the Earth, the drone will be able to laser-deliver key information to U.S. troops."


Mav6 was founded in 2007 by Jay Harrison and Major General Buford “Buff” Blount, USA (Ret.) to develop and incubate rapidly conceived, concept-to-implementation technology solutions for enhanced situational understanding on edge battlefields.

We are an agile systems integrator committed to discovering the different ideas that matter to our military and our society. We are veteran edgefighters, technologists, strategists, analysts, scientists, engineers, and developers dedicated to helping edgefighters by designing and delivering systems of capabilities that enhance decision making in order to defeat new threats and new enemies.

Our mission is to harness the power of design and open innovation to rapidly deliver solutions to edgefighters where and when they are needed most; to set a new standard in the defense industry through cost effective and transparent ways of working; and to champion the principles of design thinking to solve the “wicked” problems in defense and national security.

Employees: 51-200 HQ Address: 800 Cherry Street Vicksburg, MS 39183 United States

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Airship destined for Afghanistan