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HBGary has started negotioations with LindenLab on acquiring Second Life's business solutions that could be used for virtual simulations of scenarios, etc. From the emails it is clear that HBGary and LindenLab want to put it to use in the governmental sector. A project pilot has been written that mentions a wartime medical simulation environment.

Their only real contract mentioned in the e-mails appears to be Galveston National Laboratory, who were looking into it for bio-containment simulations.


15 Dec 2009

HBG starts recruiting Northrop Grumman developers for LindenLab / HBG on their joint effort for Mark Trynor and Aaron Spring, 2 developers with experience in "virtual world", both with TS clearances are referred to LindenLab representative Chris Collins by HBG. A third person has been approched by HBG, Matt Furman, but "he sounds content at Northrop".

Mark Trynor has been working as Gaming Section Manager for Northrop Grumman. Has history as a Satellite Systems OP/Eval at the USAF

Aaron Spring also works for Northrop Grumman, but is "Familiar with SecondLife technologies, and applying it's capabilities for government uses. Knowledgeable with SL Scripting and SL eCommerce functionality."

Mark Trynor was recruited by HBGary in Mar 2010 (

Thanks for noticing Ryan. I found your site shtolry after I launched wikiRFM. For those of you who haven't found Ascension Helicopters, I'd recommend looking at the PowerPoint presentations and the CFII lesson plans that Ryan has published.

20-21 Jan 2010

Mark Trynor and Aaron Spring yet not recruited by LindenLab, apparently because of HR application procedures:

Awesome. We might call FW guys plank drivers beihnd your backs, but we can stand to learn from you especially from a pilot with 15000 hrs (!) of experience. As you get into teaching on the RW side, I hope you'll continue using wikiRFM and start making contributions. Happy flying, and welcome to helicopters.

Feb 18, 2010

Meeting between Ted Vera of HBG and Adam Nelson of LindenLab, who appears to be the successor of Chris Collins

14 Apr 2010

HBGary seems interested in Virtual World Trainings for DoD's Department of the Air Force

8 Jun 2010

HBGF and LindenLab are considering Department of the Army funding for the project. Chris Collins from LindenLab was notified of the funding, and the two are looking for "potential team mates" on the project.

12 Sep 2010

Project briefs released:

2 Nov 2010

Ralph Pope notifies Aaron Barr at a possible "second life application" in "simulation mission related to bio-containment" at Galveston National Laboratory (

13 Dec 2010

Ted Vera notifies Aaron Barr of a "second life opportunity at GNL" (Galveston National Laboratory)

29 Dec 2010 - 3 Jan 2011

HBGary offers to conduct Second Life Virtual World Training for Galveston National Laboratory, probably on "simulation mission related to bio-containment" (