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The Gamma Group[1]is the parent company of Gamma International that was revealed to have been involved in providing surveillance capabilities to the Mubarak regime during the 2011 Egyptian revolts.

Company Structure

Gamma Group[2] has five sub-companies:

  • Gamma TSE - 'a government contractor to State Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies for Turnkey Surveillance Projects producing high quality Surveillance Vans and Cars and Technical Surveillance Equipment.'[3]
  • G2 Systems - provides 'high quality training', 'detailed security assessments' and 'advanced security product solutions'.[4]
  • Gamma International (or Finfisher[5]) -
    • Tactical IT Intrusion Portfolio: 'Covert Forensics' and 'Advanced Intrusion Tools'
    • IT Intrusion Training Program: Training and consultancy.
    • Remote Monitoring And Infection Solutions: 'Monitoring Of Computers & Mobile Phones' and 'Infection Of Computers And Mobile Phones'
  • Gamma Group International[6]: 'established in 1990... European-based company with its headquarters in the United Kingdom and subsidiary offices in Germany, the Middle East and South East Asia'.
    • 'Lawful Interception and Monitoring Centers
    • Lawful Interception Management Systems (LIMS)
    • Internet Monitoring, Blocking and Shaping and IT Intrusion
    • Satellite Monitoring (Thuraya, Inmarsat)
    • GSM, GPRS, and UMTS Tactical Monitoring and Locating
    • Passive Monitoring of Telephone Lines
    • SMS Interception
    • Speech Identifying Tools, Data Retention and Link Analysis
    • Radio Frequency Monitoring'
  • Elaman Alliance[7]: A partnership with 'Elaman GmbH' started in 2006 'Gamma and Elaman operate (sales, manufacturing, development, and technical support) out of offices located in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Far East.'
    • Elaman website[8]

Senior Leaders

  • Louthean John Alexander Nelson:
    • Entry at BuggedPlanet Wiki[9] lists him as the 'unconfirmed' British owner of Gamma International and living at Passonage mead, Tanners lane, Wintersbourne earls, Salisbury SPH 6HA, Wiltshire, United Kingdom.
    • Level Business entry:[10]
      • Finfisher Limited. Appointed as Director 16 August 2010.
      • Gamma International (UK) Limited. Appointed as Director 15 August 2007.
      • Gamma Cyan Limited (Dissolved). Appointed as Secretary 31 January 2005.
      • Gamma Cyan Limited (Dissolved). Appointed as Director 26 November 2003.
      • Gamma TSE Limited. Appointed as Director 23 August 2000.
      • Gamma TSE Limited. Appointed as Secretary 23 August 2000.
      • G2 Systems Limited. Appointed as Director 30 June 2000.
      • Gamma 2000 Waste Management. Appointed as Director 16 June 2000.
      • Computplus Limited. Appointed as Director 17 August 1999.
      • Gamma 2000 Limited. Appointed as Director 18 May 1999.
      • Compass Military Services Limited (Dissolved). Appointed as Director 06 August 1991.
      • Compass Military Services Limited (Dissolved). Appointed as Secretary 06 August 1991.