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According to Penny Levy of HBGary, Gatorbait is "a $30M contract for the UNO customer to consolidate all their forensics work. We are talking to Mantech for teaming."

project of HBG working in correlation with Mantech part of or a sub-project of VULCAN

some emails

Ott, Stephen D [email protected] to courtneys, schleep, ted, Aaron, Nuhad, Pat, kathyrondon, barlow.katrina, Megan, samuel.corbitt, Sam, Patrick, Amanda, James, Linda, Penny, Rachel, Wayne

Gatorbait Team, Good afternoon.  I will be working on a complete checklist for items needed from subcontractors.  However, I don’t want to delay in getting some of these items to you.  So, in accordance with L-5, V, 1.4 and 1.5, please complete the attached SF 328 and KMPL if applicable/necessary.  If you believe these items are not applicable or not necessary for your company, please provide an email stating that and briefly explaining why.  If you prefer, you can provide them in sealed envelopes as the data is sensitive and PII. Please let us know if you have any questions.  If you do, please include Penny Zimmerman and Linda Thompson on the email as well. Thank you for your assistance. Regards, Steve

Ted Vera [email protected] to Barr

show details 11/9/10

I got this list of names from Bob Slapnik as potentials for Vulcan/Gatorbait.  He doesn't want them or their employers to know that he referred us.  I told him we'd check them out on linked-in and if they have profiles we could send them an email saying we saw their linkedin and thought they may be interested in an job opportunity... You get the idea...

(names and e-mails deleted)

From: "Gage, Jeremy R" <[email protected]> Date: November 8, 2010 6:00:03 PM EST To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> Subject: Clearances Aaron,   I've gotten the VULCAN (aka GATORBAIT) COTR to agree building a deep, cleared bench.  You are free to submit folks who are not currently on the contract and the customer will clear them.  This should give you increased mobility throughout the IC and the customer can point to a solid bench of personnel for surge purposes.  Let me know if you're interested.   Jeremy

Aaron,   It looks like we are going to be able to support 1-2 FTE under the current VULCAN vehicle and carrying over to the GATORBAIT Program.  We are interviewing your second candidate tomorrow.  Can you provide rates for a junior, mid-level and senior RE body?  Thanks.  We're looking forward to working with you.   Jeremy

Some financial figures

HBGary Federal LLC Detail Cost Information (the email and attachment need to be linked yet )


Annual Rate per
Employees Salaries Hour Overhead Overhead G&A G&A Fee

Sr. Computer Forensic Engineer $101,500.00 $48.80 $30.92 $79.72 $31.11 $110.82 $7.76
Mid Level Computer Forensic Engineer $83,800.00 $40.29 $25.53 $65.81 $25.68 $91.50 $6.40
Junior Computer Forensic Engineer $59,300.00 $28.51 $18.06 $46.57 $18.17 $64.75 $4.53
Sr. Computer Forensic Software Engineer $102,000.00 $49.04 $31.07 $80.11 $31.26 $111.37 $7.80
Mid Level Computer Forensic Software Engineer $83,900.00 $40.34 $25.56 $65.89 $25.71 $91.61 $6.41

Overhead 0.6335937562

G&A 0.3902246349

Fee 0.07

Escalation 1.03