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SSL finally works lol

Thank you for your valuable contributions to our ongoing efforts in exposing the degree to which the government of the United States is willing to treat its citizens as criminals by default.

You can idle in #projectpm @ irc://

You can reach this chat over the web at this link, although getting a real IRC client is preferable. Try xchat-wdk for windows, Quassel, XChat for Linux, Icechat for Windows, Limechat for OSX, or the Chatzilla Firefox plugin.

If you'd like to help but aren't sure where to start, try looking at Special:AllPages, Special:Categories, Category:Pages Needing Work, Special:LonelyPages or the Resources and User Guide.

Players Those responsible for the specification, creation and implementation of Metal Gear technologies, as well as their means and methods.

Resources Where to find the HBGary email base, as well as software and sites with which to conduct research and OPS.

Publications Government, military and private reports as well as relevant ebooks

Media Reports Still much missing