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why is it that the leftards sarmceed loud and clear that bush was a fascist, yet could produce not one example of individual rights lost?yet individual rights have been trampled like a heard of horses came through in just the few months "the one" has been in office.examples:private property rights(like those of bond holders)contract law, which protects individual rights such as the ownership of propertythe right of ownership over our own bodies, if obama care passes and we end up down the road in a one payer system the government will eventually decide what medical services you deserve. and if you decide you want to pay out of pocket becuase they have denied you, you will find you dont have that freedom. (in canada you could be dying, if you try to find a doctor to treat you instead of waiting in line or being a good little serf and dying, the government of canada can and will prosecute you and put you in prison.)none of the losses of personal freedom seem to bother long as these rights are lost under thier dear leaders watch.