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Founded and headquartered in San Diego, CA since 1951, Cubic is the parent company of three major business segments. Cubic's businesses are primarily engaged in the design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of high technology systems, products, and services for government and commercial customers. With fiscal year 2011 sales of $1.285 billion, Cubic employs nearly 7,800 people worldwide. Cubic is a global leader in defense, and transportation systems and services, and is an emerging supplier of smart card and RFID solutions. Operating segments include:

Mission Support Services -an industry leader in providing comprehensive support services for all echelons of national militaries and security forces in the U.S. and allied nations.

Cubic Defense Applications -the leading provider of live air and ground combat training systems worldwide, a key supplier of virtual and immersive training systems, communications and electronics products, and an emerging provider of cyber technologies and global tracking solutions for commercial and national military customers.

Cubic Transportation Systems -the leading provider of revenue collection management systems and services worldwide. Cubic has provided products, systems and services in nearly 60 nations. Cubic Transportation Systems' employees work from more than 130 locations in approximately 20 nations.

In December of 2010, Cubic acquired the Abraxas Corporation for $124 million in cash. The purchase did not include the software products TrapWire or Ntrepid. These products were spun off in 2007 as part of the Abraxas Applications Corporation under former CEO and President Richard Helms.

On August 13, 2012 the New York Times outlined how TrapWire was infringing on public security. WikiLeaks Stirs Global Fears on Antiterrorist Software”

This was followed by a story on a Wired Magazine blog: Trapwire: It’s Not the Surveillance, It’s the Sleaze:

On August 14, 2012 the The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age ran the following retraction: Monday's story ‘‘Surveillance system linked to transport, defence contractor’’, and the online story ‘‘Revealed: TrapWire spy cams’ ticket to Australia’’, incorrectly said the TrapWire surveillance system was owned by Cubic Corporation.

Cubic Corporation is a US Military/Defence contractor, with subsidiaries including Cubic Defense Applications Inc, and Cubic Cyber Solutions, Inc. As revealed in tax filings from 2010, Cubic also wholly owns cyber security firms Abraxas and Ntrepid. The latter provides Persona Management services to the U.S. and unspecified "multinational forces" in conjunction with CENTCOM information operations program Operation Earnest Voice, as provided for in a 2010 contract.


This Tech Herald article discusses the managerial revolving door between Cubic, Abraxas, and Ntrepid.

In 2010, Abraxas was purchased by another intelligence contractor, Cubic for the tidy sum of $124 million in cash. Some of the top talent at Anonymizer, who later went to Abraxas, left the Cubic umbrella to start another intelligence firm. They are now listed as organizational leaders for Ntrepid, the ultimate winner of the $2.7 million dollar government contract. Ntrepid, “provides national security and law enforcement customers with software, hardware, and managed services for cyber operations, analytics, linguistics, and tagging & tracking,” a company profile explains. Ntrepid’s corporate registry lists Abraxas’ previous CEO and founder, Richard Helms, as the director and officer, along with Wesley Husted, the former CFO, who is an Ntrepid officer as well. The shifting company names and management has led to some speculation that this is a front company for Abraxas, but there is no proof of those claims.[1]

During the 2010 election cycle Cubic officers donated some $90,000 to Republican candidates, including $25,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee and some $30,000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The RFI for the Air Force disclosed by Anonymous Ragan reports, "was written for Anonymizer, a company acquired in 2008 by intelligence contractor Abraxas Corporation. The reasoning is that they had existing persona management software and abilities."In turn, Abraxas was purchased by Cubic in 2010 for $124 million, an acquisition which Washington Technology described as one of the "best intelligence-related" deals of the year.[2]

With some $1 billion in 2009 revenue largely derived from the Defense Department, the company's "Cyber Solutions" division "provides specialized cyber security products and solutions for defense, intelligence and homeland security customers."

Amongst the Security Services offered by the firm we learn that "Cubic subsidiaries are working individually and in concert to develop a wide range of security solutions" that include: "C4ISR data links for homeland security intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions;" a Cubic Virtual Analysis Center which promises to deliver "superior situational awareness to decision makers in government, industry and nonprofit organizations," human behavior pattern analysis, and other areas lusted after by securocrats.[3]

This picture may give some idea of the relationships between Cubic Corp, other companies, and individuals.


Cubic Corporation is the parent company of three major business segments: Defense Systems, Mission Support Services and Transportation Systems. Cubic Defense Systems is a leading provider of realistic combat training systems, cyber technologies, asset tracking solutions, and defense electronics. Mission Support Services is a leading provider of training, operations, maintenance, technical and other support services. Cubic Transportation Systems is the world’s leading provider of automated fare collection systems and services for public transit authorities.


Ntrepid is a Los Angeles-incorporated, Virginia-headquartered subsidiary of Cubic Corporation and supplier to the USAF of Persona Management software which was procured for CENTCOM, which in turn provided it for use by unspecified parties. Ntrepid was first incorporated in California on 25th October 2010, four months after the solicitation for Persona Management software was issued by CENTCOM. It may be assumed that Ntrepid was formed in order to provide surveillance, persona management, and attribution capabilities to the US Military; technology originating from Abraxas and Cubic.

Ntrepid had previously acquired personnel from several other firms which were themselves undergoing rapid consolidation. As noted by Steve Ragan of Tech Herald:

Internal communications from Aaron Barr say that the RFI for the persona software was written for Anonymizer, a company acquired in 2008 by intelligence contractor Abraxas Corporation. The reasoning is that they had existing persona management software and abilities. In 2010, Abraxas was purchased by another intelligence contractor, Cubic Corporation for the tidy sum of $124 million in cash. Some of the top talent at Anonymizer, who later went to Abraxas, left the Cubic umbrella to start another intelligence firm. They are now listed as organizational leaders for Ntrepid, the ultimate winner of the $2.7 million dollar government contract.

The United States Central Command awarded a $2.76 contract to this new company to produce persona management software in pursuance of CENTCOM's Operation Earnest Voice program. The contract is for the creation software allowing "fake online personas to influence net conversations and spread US propaganda." The technology is supposedly for use on non-US forums and social media outlets, thus circumventing US laws against impersonation.


On June 22, 2010, CENTCOM issued an official solicitation for software companies to bid for a contract creating a 'persona management service'. According to articles in The Guardian and elsewhere, one contract winner was Ntrepid:

While data security firm HBGary Federal was among the contract's bidders listed on a government website, the job was ultimately awarded to a firm that did not appear on the page of interested vendors. HBGary, which conspired with Bank of America and the Chamber of Commerce to attack WikiLeaks, spy on progressive writers and use malware against progressive organizations, was also revealed to have constructed software eerily similar to what the Air Force sought. This contract was awarded to a firm called Ntrepid. n addition to the classified activities this software supports, USCENTCOM, like most military commands, does use social media to inform the public of our activities. I should emphasize that such uses do not employ the kind of technology that was the subject of this contract solicitation. Ntrepid Corporation, registered out of Los Angeles, bills itself as a privacy and identity protection firm in some job postings, and a national security contractor in others, but its official website was amazingly just one page deep and free of even a single word of description.

(Full article )

During the merger between Cubic Corporation and Abraxas Corporation certain assets owned by Abraxas were conveyed by to Ntrepid. Including but not limited to their office at 12801 Worldgate Drive, Suite 800, Herndon, Virginia 20170 and 6733 Curran Street, Suites 300 and 310, McLean, Virginia 22102.

Location, Directors, Funding

Ntrepid Corporation

12801 Worldgate Drive
Suite 800
Herndon, VA 20170

Registered Agent:

CT Corporation System
2394 E. Camelback Road

Registered Agent:

CT Corporation System
1200 South Pine Island Road
Plantation, FL 33324

References: Details of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation (Signed by Margaret A Lee)

Richard H. Helms (director and officer)
Wesley R. Husted (officer)
Margaret A. Lee (officer)

Dan Crum
Source, LinkedIn Page

Of particular note is Ntrepid's CTO/Chief Scientist Lance Cottrell, who is simultaneously CTO of Anonymiser and an adviser at Taia Global, Inc. (20.6.2011) He was previously CTO/Chief Scientist at Abraxas Corporation after founding the privacy firm Anonymizer, Inc. in 1995. He runs The Privacy Blog.[4]

Some info on Dan Crum:
Twitter: @Dan_Crum

Other members:
VP: Charlie Englehart
Executive Vice President for Product Engineering: Michael Martinka
Vice President, Research & Development: Teddy Lindsey
Sr. Systems Engineer: Dennis Rich


Abraxas is an intelligence contractor that has been revealed to be a significant player in Persona Management. The firm was founded by Richard Hollis Helms (not to be confused with former CIA director McGarrah). Abraxas opened its Chinese branch in 2004. Abraxas acquired Anomymizer in May of 2008, naming Lance Cottrell, founder and CTO of Anonymizer, as Chief Scientist for the firm. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. Allied Capital invested $52mil in Anonymizer shortly thereafter. Anonymizer was known for being one of the first corporate application offerings to promote secure and anonymous web browsing. Abraxas headquarters is based in Annapolis Junction, MD.

Abraxas Corporation should not be confused with Abraxas Engineering, though the two are related. Richard Helms also served as CEO of California-based Edge Intelligence, acquired by Abraxas on October 9, 2008.

Abraxas at NameBase.

Persona Management Involvement

As noted by Steve Ragan of The Tech Herald in reference to a 2010 federal contract seeking bids on persona management software:

Internal communications from Aaron Barr say that the RFI [request for information by federal contracting officers] for the persona software was written for Anonymizer, a company acquired in 2008 by intelligence contractor Abraxas Corporation. The reasoning is that they had existing persona management software and abilities. In 2010, Abraxas was purchased by another intelligence contractor, Cubic Corporation for the tidy sum of $124 million in cash. Some of the top talent at Anonymizer, who later went to Abraxas, left the Cubic umbrella to start another intelligence firm. They are now listed as organizational leaders for Ntrepid, the ultimate winner of the $2.7 million dollar government contract.

Upon Anonymizer's purchase by Abraxas, the following press release was made available:

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Herndon, Va., Richard Helms, CEO and Founder of Abraxas Corporation announced today the acquisition of San Diego-based Anonymizer, Inc.

In making the announcement, Mr. Helms noted that, "We are very pleased and excited about bringing the very talented Anonymizer team on board. Their products and services in trusted anonymity are second to none and perfectly complement our existing risk mitigation technology offerings. Anonymizer has developed a complete portfolio of capabilities focused in protecting online identities and privacy. They were the first to bring such a service to market, and, after 12 years of perfecting it, have become the undisputed market and technology leader. Since its inception, Anonymizer has protected millions of global Internet users.

Helms further stated, "I am also pleased to announce that Lance Cottrell, the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Anonymizer, will become our Chief Scientist and continue to pursue his advocacy of privacy for people around the world. Bill Unrue, Anonymizer's CEO, will assume the position of President of Anonymizer which will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Abraxas Corporation. Bill will continue to pursue Anonymizer's goals to provide proprietary technologies and complementary capabilities that offer unique, multi-layered identity protection that enhances the traditional network perimeter defenses of consumers, corporations and government agencies."



In August, 2012, in response to Wikileaks release of Strator emails relating to Trapwire, the Cubic Corporation put out the following media release through PRWeb:

Cubic Corporation Has No Affiliation with Trapwire, Inc.

Erroneous reports link Cubic Corporation to Trapwire, Inc.

Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB) acquired Abraxas Corporation on December 20, 2010. Abraxas Corporation then and now has no affiliation with Abraxas Applications now known as Trapwire, Inc.

Erroneous reports have linked the company with Trapwire, Inc. Trapwire, Inc. is a risk mitigation technology and services company that builds and markets software products to prevent terrorist threats and criminal attacks.

Cubic Corporation is the parent company of three major business segments: defense systems, mission support services, and transportation. Cubic Defense Applications, a leading supplier of combat training systems, communications, cyber technologies, and global tracking solutions. Cubic Mission Support Services is a leading provider of training, operations, maintenance, and technical support services. Cubic Transportation Systems is the world’s leading provider of automated fare collection systems and services for public transit authorities. For more information about Cubic, see the company’s Web site at

Cubic Background

The following general background is from the wiki over at [5]

  • In July of 2004, they were granted a $6.5 million subcontract from General Dynamics Amphibious Systems to develop and produce a Driver Simulator and a Turret Simulator for the Marine Corps new Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV). This tracked, amphibious, armored vehicle can transport a loaded squad across the water at up to 25 knots and across land with the agility of an M1 tank. These simulators are used to train and familiarize the drivers and gunners with the EFVs. [6]
  • In October of 2004, they were awarded a $6 million contract from Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Venture to produce tactical trainers for RLM's shoulder launched, "fire-and-forget" anti-tank missile. The Javelin Field Tactical Trainers contract is the latest of four to provide training equipment for this weapon. [7]
  • They are one of 22 companies working with General Dynamics under a contract from the US Joint Forces Command's Joint Experimentation Program (JEXP) that has a potential value of $478.6 million. As of 2004, Cubic has been in "the Tidewater area of Virginia" for a decade since it helped establish the Joint War-fighting Center at Fort Monroe, Va. Currently they have 160 employees there. Says Richard Bristow, vice president and GM of Cubic's Operation Support Division, "War-fighting experiments conducted by JXEP and the Joint Futures lab are an important part of transformation, a process that helps our country identify new skills and technologies needed in this new era of asymmetric warfare." [8]
  • In November of 2004, Cubic was awarded a contract by the US Army's National Simulation Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, that has a ceiling of $95 million. [9]
  • In September, 2004, Cubic received a contract from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to coordinate training exercises for military and civilian organizations to respond to chemical, biological, nuclear and high-explosives attacks. This will enable DTRA to "improve US response capabilities and evaluate national, federal, state and local policies for responding." The contract is for five years, with one five-year option, an additional one year option and a $43 million ceiling.[10]
  • The Avionics Advanced Development division of Cubic has redesigned their AN/ARS-6 Personnel Locater Systems and which have been used in every global military operation since 1987. The devices are the standard search and rescue system for US and NATO forces. [11] They have also entered into a partnership with Digital Angel Corporation's subsidiary, Signature Industries, to integrate Signature's beacon with Cubic's PLS. [12]
  • They are building the Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (STARS) which is an air/ ground data link system for the US military. [13]

The clientèle of Cubic Corp. is multi-national. In November 2010 Cubuc Defense Applications has been awarded a follow-on contract worth more than $30 million for support work at two British Army training areas in Canada and England [14].

The three-year contract, signed in late September, is for maintenance and operation of Area Weapons Effects Simulator (AWES) systems at the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS), in the Canadian province of Alberta, and at the Defence Training Estate Salisbury Plain (DTE SP), in the county of Wiltshire in southern England. About 30 Cubic employees work in support roles at each location.

And in February 2011 Cubic Defense Applications has received a $40 million contract for the expansion and modernization of the instrumentation for the British Army’s Salisbury Plain ground combat training range. The contract was awarded to Cubic as part of an urgent operational requirement to enhance troop readiness and predeployment training to support ongoing operations in Afghanistan [15].

“The British Army is one of our largest long-term and most important customers,” said Bradley H. Feldmann, President of Cubic Defense Applications. “We are fully committed to deliver these new capabilities on an accelerated basis to satisfy this urgent requirement.”

Company Details & Personal Dox

Subsidiary Companies (officially listed)

06/02/11 CISM9022 

Incorporation Details

Entity Name:CUBIC CORPORATION                                                          
Entity Number:C1277777                                                          
Date Filed:06/11/1985                                                        
Entity Address:9333 BALBOA AVE                                                         
Entity City, State, Zip:SAN DIEGO CA 92123                                                          
Agent for Service of Process:C T CORPORATION SYSTEM
Agent Address:818 W SEVENTH ST                                                          
Agent City, State, Zip:LOS ANGELES CA 90017 

Subsidiary Details:Cubic Cyber Solutions, Inc

(Source for incorporation details: Virginia SCC Website[16], California Sec. of State Website[17])

Safe Harbor Acquisition

In 2010 Cubic acquired Safe Harbor Holdings a cyber security and information assurance company, and formed a new subsidiary called Cubic Cyber Solutions, which provides specialized security and networking infrastructure, system certification and accreditation, and enterprise-level network architecture and engineering services. Source

Safe Harbor’s solutions and customer relationships form the nucleus of Cubic’s cyber delivery capability. Some companies among their clients are: VSE Inc., In-Q-Tel, Fairfax international, PSA limited and "A Major Financial Services and Banking Company." Safe Harbor has approximately 30 cybersecurity engineers and professionals in Northern Virginia serving specialized intelligence and defense clients.

Current and former Safe Harbor Employees:

  • Jeff Cherry, CEO
  • Fred Chamblin, President and COO
  • Ken Bratchie, Senior Vice President
  • Keith Filzen, Directory of Technology
  • Janet Platt, Organizational Development and Change Management Specialist
  • Curt Kohlheyer, Senior Security Consultant and HIPAA Compliance Specialist
  • Chris Hlatky, Information Systems Security Engineer
  • Jonathon Murray, Information Systems Security Engineer
  • Vincent Wallace, Systems Engineer



Corporate Headquarters: 1950 Old Gallows Road
Suite 250
Vienna, VA 22182
United States

Phone: 703-821-1516
Fax: 703-821-1518

Links: Bios, Acquisition

Personal Details, (Cubic Cyber Solutions Inc) Bradley Feldman, President
Address: 1410 Esplanade Ct, Apt 344
Reston, VA 20194

Gregory L Tanner, Secretary, Treasurer
Address: 704 Ashton St
Location: Ravenswood, WV 26164

Thomas A Echols VP, Controller
Address: 1233 N Courthouse Rd
Phone: (757) 543-3885
Location: Arlington, VA 22201

Keith Filzen, CTO
Address: unknown
Phone: [703] 821-1518
Location: unkown
Email: [email protected]

Cubic Defense Applications, Inc.



Bradley H. Feldmann, President, age:49
Ray Barker Executive, Vice President
Joseph Kellogg Jr., Senior Vice President of Ground Combat Programs, age:62
Grant Palmer, Vice President of Communications Systems
David Eadie, U.K. Regional Director For Defense Systems

Phone: (858) 277-6780
Fax: (858) 505-1523

Personal Details, (Cubic Defense Applications, Inc.) Richard Castiglia General Counsel
Address: 300 Yoakum Pkwy, Apt 614, Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone: (757) 870-8511

Board of Directors

Board of Cubic Corporation:

   Walter J. Zable: Chairman
   Walter C. Zable: Vice- Chairman
   Robert D. Weaver: Director
   Robert S. Sullivan: Director
   Richard Atkinson: Director
   Raymond E. Peet: Director
   Robert T. Monagan: Director
   Raymond L. DeKozan: Director
   Gerald R. Dinkel: Vice-President
   Mark A. Harrison: Vice-President
   Daniel A. Jacobsen: Vice-President
   Kenneth Kopf: Vice-President
   Bernard A. Kulchin: Vice-President
   John A. Minteer: Vice-President
   John D. Thomas: Vice-President
   Richard A. Johnson: Corporate Executive
   William L. Hoese: Secretary
   William W. Boyle: Chief Financial Officer

Source Source2

Corporate Addresses

Training Systems Business Unit Air Combat Training Systems Ground Combat Training Systems Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems 9333 Balboa Avenue San Diego, CA 92123 858-277-6780 858-505-1518 Fax

Simulation Systems Division 2001 W. Oak Ridge Road Orlando, Fla. 32809-3803 Telephone: 407-859-7410 Fax.: 407-855-4840 E-mail: [email protected]

Oscmar International Ltd. (HEADQUARTERS) PO Box 6008 Wellesley Street Mt. Eden, Auckland, New Zealand 011-649-373-9765 011-649-373-9799 Fax

Oscmar Singapore Office 51 Goldhill Plaza #07-05 Singapore 308900 011-656-258-9877 011 656-356-2433 Fax

Mission Support Business Unit Headquarters 4550 Third Ave., S.E. Suite B Lacey, WA 98503 360-493-6275 360-493-6195 Fax

Operational Support Division 22 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 150 Hampton, VA 23666 757-722-0717 757-722-2585 Fax

Information Operations 4055 Hancock St., Suite 115 San Diego, CA 92110 619-523-0848 619-523-0855 Fax

Threat Technologies 5695 King Center Drive Building H, Third Floor Alexandria, VA 22315 703-924-3050 703-924-3070 Fax

Training & Education Division 426 Delaware St., Suite C-3 Leavenworth, KS 66048 913-651-9782 913-651-5437 Fax

Worldwide Technical Services Division 4285 Ponderosa Avenue San Diego, CA 92123 858-505-2514 858-505-1543/1533 Fax

Analysis & Learning Technologies Division 1901 N. Beauregard St., Suite 100 Alexandria, VA 22311 703-578-6885 703-578-0060 Fax

Communications & Electronic Systems Division 9333 Balboa Avenue San Diego, CA 92123 858-505-2042 858-505-1593 Fax


WASHINGTON, D.C. Crystal Gateway One, Suite 1102 1235 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Arlington, VA 22202 703-415-1600 703-415-1608 Fax

ORLANDO, FL 12000 Research Parkway Suite 408 Orlando, FL 32826 407-273-5500 407-275-0200 Fax

SHALIMAR, FL 60 Second St., Suite 105 Shalimar, FL 32579 850-609-1600 850-609-0100 Fax

LONDON Derwent House Kendal Avenue Park Royal London W3 OXA UK 011-44-208-896-6402 011-44-208-992-8072 Fax

Further Research Needed

Cubic is a sprawling and secretive organisation. There are many more subsidiaries (e.g Navsat Corp, Cubic Global Tracking, Cubic Simulations). More details are needed on the directors and officers, and also the business dealings of the various arms of Cubic, most importantly Cubic Cyber Solutions, and Cubic Defense Applications. Again for people to investigate, check out


Details of Cubic/Abraxas merger which transferred assets to Ntrepid

Abraxas Work in Progress

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Abraxas Apps TM products assigned by Abraxas Corp to Allied for Anonymizer purch Virginia’s Abraxas secures $52M debt financing | TechJournal Abraxas Corporation | Contact Our Team Abraxas Corporation Acquires Anonymizer, Inc -- re> HERNDON, Va., May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Abraxas Corporation acquires Anonymizer, Inc. DDER train contract DisastRecovFund CurrentOngoing;jsessionid=FBBBC4E20232B816ACE9D0E59C0A4B3E.node1?contractNumber=GS-10F-0142S&contractorName=ABRAXAS+CORPORATION&executeQuery=YES Abraxas goes on shopping spree, buys up Dauntless - Washington Business Journal Link to PPM research Abraxas Corporation Former emp of Dauntless & NIS Dir_KyleDSmego AbraxisAtCubic RoyceFund for ABAXIS, Inc. (ABAX) Institutional Ownership & Holdings - contracts Fw: Surveillance Case Study on Trapwire Edge merger into abraxas mergersub ca 2008 DC Investments AUGUST 2008 INVESTORSIDE NEWSLETTER MaybeAbraxas Abraxas Fund Limited - Change of Manager | Reuters Immigrant Youth Sue San Antonio Facility Over Abuse | Texas RioGrande Legal Aid Newsroom Division of Corporations - FAQs Royce Focus Trust, Inc. (FUND) Ownership Summary - Abraxas, Inc is medical

Cubic/Abraxas Merger – NOTE: Researcher is NOT a M&A expert AT ALL so had to “figure it out”. Key questions were: Why were there no disclosure documents filed for the merger? Researched basis for waiver and found none. SEC reported no waiver applied for, but declined to investigate. Notes on Ntrepid Merger!:*1%7Br*%7C7n4;%5EvR

10QwMerger All Ownership stmts for Cubic DE Commodity and Securities Exchanges Form 8-K Merger is filed under Cubic DE CIK 0000026076 MergerPlan CUBIC CORP /DE/ - 10-Q - 20110203 - EXHIBIT_10 NoSchedOrExhibitsFiled-Nov15MergerPlan

    -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

Merger Homework (may or may not be valuable to future researchers)

Keeping Information Confidential: An Overview of SEC Confidential Treatment Requests Order Denying Requests for Confidential Treatment; Release No. 34-50206; August 17, 2004

17 CFR 240.14d-2 - Commencement of a tender offer. | LII / Legal Information Institute Proxy Solicitation Rules Proxy Statement

a reverse merger company will not be subject to the requirements of this section Grounds for confidential trtmt Rule 24b-2 SEC - Reverse Merger & SPAC Blog SEC Approves New Rules to Toughen Listing Standards for Reverse Merger Companies; 2011-235; November 9, 2011 sec reverse merger companies - Google Search,or.r_qf.&cad=b&bvm=pv.xjs.s.en_US.c75bKy5EQ0A.O SEC Rule 605 - FINRA

How Do I Use EDGAR? - A Quick Tutorial Researching Public Companies Through EDGAR: A Guide for Investors Also see Search Historical SEC EDGAR Archives Searching With EDGAR Header Fields Document Search They may have used an S4 form_desc here? | 26 USC § 338 - Certain stock purchases treated as asset acquisitions | LII / Legal Information Institute - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NJ Ntrepid - Department of State Ariz. Corp. Comm. -- Corporations Division Jan2011 PA SEPTA | Board Meetings & Members TrapwireAbbrxCorpFilings Abraxas 2006 financial statement filed in Virginia Virginia State Corporation Commission - Office of the Clerk – All filings for Abraxas Filings- Corp ID: 06321384 2011AnnRpt NameChange2011 2010AnnRpt 2012AnnRpt 2009AnnRpt 2008AnnRpt 2007AnnRpt 2006AnnRptFiled2005 2006AbraxasAnnRpt 3rd2006AnnRpt 10K2010 10Q03312011 10Q2010 10QJun2011 2010AnnualReport 2011AnnRpt

A Bold Upstart With CIA Roots - Los Angeles Times AbAppsAlliedMay2008 AcquisitionComplete12102010 Allied Capital Corporation Q2 2008 Earnings Call Transcript - Seeking Alpha AnnShareHoldMtg2012 AnnShrHoldMtg2011 AntiTrustApproval AppsCoversAnonymzPurchase AudtdProShr2010 Business Entity Details Index;O=A Index ofMergerPlan Ntrepid Corporation Company Profile - Located in Herndon, VA - Richard H Helms, Wesley R Husted, Margaret A Lee PlacesOfIncorporation Richard Helms - Executive Profile Florida Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine TrapwireAssignFromAbApp2011 Virginia’s Abraxas secures $52M debt financing | TechJournal William W. Boyle | Cubic Leadership | Cubic Corporation WJstikdisp121920 ZableGift02182011 zablestkdisp1214 ZableStkDisp121516

New Jersey

NJ Division of Revenue: Business Records Service trapwire in final minutes NJ open session 2011 New Jersey Admin Code lookup New Jersey Legislature NJ Purchase and Property - Doing Business With the Division of Purchase and Property New Jersey Legislature - Senate Committee Aides State of New Jersey Cubic;O=A


Ntrepid, Anonymizer & Tartan Tartan


DHS/ FED,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=65817657481ee744&biw=1360&bih=636;jsessionid=TzGrQ3LphJTQQsnp7qp2XSZv522TMx3bMy5dJcp2pQzXdQTy6qKz!73790769