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Critical Defence[1]

Is registered out of 108 W 13th St Wilmington, DE 19801 by on 01/08/2010 as a Limited Liability Company. Which is ironically the same address that LulzSec, LLC used.

According to their own website they are:

"... a leading provider of security assurance, response and intelligence services. The firm operates within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Critical Defence partners with organizations, institutions and governments to protect critical electronic computing infrastructure. Critical Defence solutions provide a structured framework in which compensating controls and measured response are key elements."'

They claim that they operate out of multiple nations, but at this time that cannot be verified. The only office they advertise in their statement is 1425 K ST NW WASHINGTON, DC 200053500 USA, which is a virtual office through Intelligent Office [2].

The only employee on record for Critical Defence is Jeffrey B. Bernstein, who according to his own linkedin page, is Critical Defence's Executive Vice President.[3]. Before serving as the head of Critical Defence, Jeffrey Bernstein worked at ASERO as a Senior Director [4], and prior to his work at ASERO was the founder and president of Directive Security which fell off the radar after a fraud lawsuit was filed by the NJ Security Commission[5] and charged Jeffrey Bernstein with defrauding and misleading investors by making false claims.

Critical Defence has applied for thousands of opportunities[6], but has never been publicly awarded a contract.

Critical Defence had website and SEO work done by Provide Security LLC between October 2009 and Janurary 2010[7].