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[ Centurion Intelligence Partners] is a Maryland intelligence firm that provides "global intelligence security and cyber operations" services.


Centurion first came to notice when [ Douglas Wood], a corporate lawyer at Reed Smith, published [ an article] suggesting self-help measures corporate clients should take against cyber-attackers. Wood counseled readers to "[rain] a very cold shower on [suspects'] personal convictions or vendetta[s]" by contacting suspects at work, at home, or by releasing their personal information on the Internet. Centurion was explicitly mentioned as "one of the best" intelligence consulting firms participating in these practices.

Further investigation revealed business connections between Reed Smith partners and Centurion. [ Mark G. Pedretti], a private equity lawyer at the firm, sits on Centurion's advisory board.

Projects and Methodology

Currently unclear, but the following snippet from the company [ website] may be instructive:

From background checks, leadership profiles and risk assessments, to in-depth investigations, CIP is a full service due diligence firm. CIP gives decision makers the winning edge.

CIP also offers discreet, sophisticated intelligence gathering on political targets. Unlike standard opposition research firms that often employ entry level database researchers, CIP is able to deliver a superior service because it relies on the techniques and experience of the very best practitioners of intelligence collection in the world.

[ Furthermore]:

Utilizing a vast network of intelligence professionals—ranging from in-the-field professionals to highly skilled analysts-- CIP collects, analyzes and delivers intelligence reports to its clients through the use of [ open source information] (OSIN) gathering, and other more direct methods of intelligence collection. Using both classic and innovative collection methods modeled after those used in the intelligence community, CIP professionals focus on bringing a better understanding of a desired objective—whether it be an investment opportunity or a hiring decision. As every client’s needs are unique, each assignment is customized and focused on the specific requirements set forth by the client.


In March 2011, Centurion presented "Crisis Management for Cyber Threats in a Digital World" at Reed Smith's Washington DC office as part of the [ Advertising Law & Public Policy Conference]. The abstract read as follows:

Imagine this…you arrive at your office on a beautiful, sunny Monday. You're finally caught up on your work and enjoyed a relaxing weekend. No crisis to face. All is good in the world. Then the phone rings and it's your CEO, frenetically telling you that a video unfairly attacking the company has gone viral and is all over the Internet. Worse, the chat on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and in the blogosphere is piling on. The CEO describes it as a disaster, particularly since the company is in it's most important sales cycle. You are ordered to fix it and stop the onslaught. But how? Lawsuits and injunctions will take too much time and probably won't be effective anyway. In this private, members only session, principals from Centurion Intelligence Partners will tell you how to fight fire with fire -- legally and effectively -- in today's digital battlefield.


Principal Office (Current): SUITE 101 7 WILLOW ST. ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401