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C5i Corporation is an intelligence contractor that's been identified as having sought to develop Persona Management capabilities.

During a 2010 dinner with Greg Hoglund of HBGary, C5i CEO Shaun Amini expressed his intent to compete with Anonymizer, a firm described by Aaron Barr as holding an advantageous position in terms of persona management capabilities. Anonymizer was bought out by Abraxas, which in turn was purchased by Cubic Corporation - which also owns Ntrepid, the firm that won the 2010 USAF contract for custom persona management software that CENTCOM has since admitted is used by unspecified multinational forces.

E-mails of Significance

Greg Hoglund to Aaron Barr on 6/30/10:

I met with a guy, the CEO of C5i, for dinner when I was in D.C. last. He told me he wants to take Anonymizers [sic] business away and compete with them.

Anonymizer was acquired by Abraxas due to the former's extensive head start on persona management relative to the industry at large. As Barr notes in a reply:

Anonymizer is in one of the best positions because they have a pool of publicly washed IPs that they can hide traffic in. Any organization wanting to compete with Anonymizer in this space needs to have some type of architecture for persistent covert traffic.

6/14/10 C5i CEO to Gregg Hoglund: From: "Shaun S. Amini" <[email protected]> Date: June 14, 2010 9:08:30 AM PDT To: Greg Hoglund <[email protected]> Subject: RE: Riley Hassell Intro Hi Greg,

There are several items I would like to chat about.

1. Pulling you guys into some opportunities we are chasing both in Civilian and DoD space specifically in the Incidence Response area. 2. Using some of your tools as part of the set of tools we have in house. 3. We are thinking about chasing some SBIRs and according to Riley you have been down this path several times. 4. We have some initiatives on the Offensive side of the house and we might be able to work with you on the solutions we are working on.

Wednesday sounds good, let me you what time works for you. Please remember I am on the East coast.

6/23/10: HBGary/HBGary Federal continue talks with c5ie-mails:

From: Penny Leavy-Hoglund [1] Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 5:44 PM To: Shaun S. Amini Cc: [email protected]; 'Aaron Barr' Subject: RE: Meet Shaun@c5i

OK, sounds good. Bob Slapnik deals with Gov’t contractors and SI”s for resale or private label. Aaron Barr is CEO of HBGary Federal and provides services to the gov’t. Both are located in DC area

From: Shaun S. Amini [2] Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 2:27 PM To: Penny Leavy-Hoglund Subject: RE: Meet Shaun@c5i

We chatted quite a bit and had a great dinner J. We essentially need to connect with your new Federal services side of the house and he has already made some intros and we C5i need to learn more about your tools as we may want to resell the products or private label them.

Thanks, Shaun

From: Penny Leavy-Hoglund [3] Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 5:24 PM To: 'Riley Hassell' Cc: Shaun S. Amini Subject: RE: Meet Shaun@c5i

Hey Shaun,

I think Greg mentioned you two got together when he was out in DC> Did you guys resolve anything?

From: Riley Hassell [4] Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 7:38 AM To: [email protected] Cc: [email protected] Subject: Meet Shaun@c5i

Hey Penny,

I’d like to introduce you to Shaun Amini. We met several years ago in Poland and have worked together since. His company, c5i works in the federal space and has current and potential service offerings that I thought would complement HBGary and vice-versa for c5i. You two should have a quick chat sometime and see if there is a fit.


Board of Directors

Shaun Amini - President & CEO

Robert J. Kalchehaler - CFO

Lieutenant General David A. Deptula - Retired Oct. 1, 2010. Also CEO & Managing Director of MAV6 LLC.

Major General Alfred A. Valenzuela, US Retired

Location, Etc.

45645 Willow Pond Plaza
Sterling, VA 20164-4456

Established 2001; estimated $6,200,000 annual revenue and 100 employees.


Media Reports

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Social Media

Facebook (last post 7/15/11 - re: Anonymous hacking of Booz Allen Hamilton)

Twitter (last tweet July, 2011 - re: Anonymous hacking of Booz Allen Hamilton)

Corporate Blog (last entry 7/13/11 - re: Anonymous hacking of Booz Allen Hamilton)

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