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William "Bill" Lutti was the vice president of strategy and information systems at Northrop Grumman in 2009, during which time he met with HBGary CEO Aaron Barr, presumably pursuant to Barr's work with Northrop Grumman subsidiary Xetron. In addition to filling that role, Lutti was heavily involved in making the case for the invasion of Iraq, having been involved in the Office of Special Plans at the time when that agency was producing disinformation on Iraq's weapons programs. He also served as a special assistant to the president via the National Security Council and deputy undersecretary for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs.

In 2010, Lutti became executive vice president for cybersecurity programs at Digital Management. According to the press release, "His duties include providing cybersecurity solutions and services to civilian federal, military and intelligence agencies. Additionally, Lutti provides strategic direction and oversees business development activities for DMI’s growing cybersecurity practice."

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