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In business since 1983, Apptis describes itself as "a leading provider of IT solutions and services for government and industry." It's been cited as an entity of interest by an informant with a relevant background. Member of AFCEA since March 03, 2000

Proclaimed capabilities:

  • Secure Cloud Computing
  • Integrated Cyber Solutions
  • Software Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Enterprise Management
  • Network Engineering
  • Program Management

The following news release from the Apptis website provides a number of actionable clues regarding its relationships and offerings:

  • Apptis One of 46 Prime Vendors Awarded Federal Bureau of Investigation Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (FBI IT Triple S) Contract
  • Company, and its partners, to provide solutions for Information Technology needs of the FBI and other DoJ Agencies
  • Chantilly, VA — February 17, 2011 — Apptis, Inc., a leading provider of essential IT and communications services to key Defense and Civilian agencies, today announced award of the FBI Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (FBI IT Triple S) Contract. This contract has a one base-year period of performance with seven option years and a $30 billion ceiling for the life of the contract.
  • Apptis and its FBI IT Triple S teaming partners will provide expertise for FBI programs in a variety of technical disciplines to meet priorities and to increase project and program success. Apptis will lead a team of highly qualified partners that will provide the FBI with systems engineering, operations and maintenance support, and as well as other IT services. Additionally, Apptis will support the requirements for security, reliability, and performance of FBI systems with strict configuration management and rigorous testing to ensure integration with other FBI and federal security systems deployed on secure network infrastructures.
  • “The FBI requires a high level of systems development and operational expertise,” said Skip Nowland, President and COO of Apptis. “It is an honor to continue our service to the FBI, its Field Agents, and staff, by providing timely delivery of quality solutions to support the diverse and distributed mission of the FBI.”
  • Apptis FBI IT Triple S teaming partners include: Turner Consulting Group, Vigilant Services, Iron Bow Technologies, QinetiQ, Red River, T3 Technologies, Evolver, Firecreek Security, Netspective, U.S. Information Technologies, Silver Rhino, Axxum, and ASRC.