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Apple is an entity of interest by virtue of conversations between that company and HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr involving the company's interest in participating with a "team" for the purpose of competing for surveillance contracts put out by the U.S. government. This "team" would have centered around the federal contractor TASC as well as a smaller firm called Mantech. Apple is also under investigation by Congress due to revelations that the iPhone collects geographical locations of users.

Relevant E-mails:

From: Aaron Barr <[email protected]> To: Pisani, Albert A. Sent: Mon Feb 22 14:02:16 2010 Subject: COIN Al, Thanks for the call on Friday. Definitely interested to talk about this effort. For better or worse I kind of consider it my baby. And any help you could bring on the clearance side I would be extremely grateful. Aaron Barr CEO HBGary Federal Inc.

Aaron, It was good to talk to you Friday; Al and I want to move quickly to meet and explore our options to pursue COIN together. Chris Clair, who I think you know, and Kathy Garcia are working this effort for us. Perhaps we can meet via telecom or in person in the next few days. We can discuss the other issues in a side meeting. Let me know if this will work and we will coordinate calendars. Do you have an admin?

WR John Lovegrove Director Office: (703) 449-3812 Cell: (571) 294-5154


I met with Bob Frisbie the other day to catch up. He is looking to expand a capability in IO related to the COIN re-compete but more for DoD. He told me he has a few acquisitions in the works that will increase his capability in this area. So just a thought that it might be worth a phone call to see if there is any synergy and strength between TASC and ManTech in this area. I think forming a team and response to compete against SAIC will be tough but doable.

Aaron Barr CEO HBGary Federal Inc.

(Sent to Lovegrove and Pisani):

All, I am fairly certain that NG is teaming with SAIC for the recompete. This creates a significant challenge that we need to discuss. Aaron Barr CEO HBGary Federal Inc.

(Sent to TASC execs Al Pisani, Chris Clair, Ray Heider, Irene Harris, and John Lovegrove)

I had a very good conversation with Apple today on the phone. I am going to meet with them in person tomorrow. They are interested in being on the team. I am going to do a little research but the more I think about this model I think we also need to look for a smaller social networking company, maybe like a foursquare and also a social gaming company maybe like zynga, gameloft, etc. Just a thought. Aaron

Persons at Apple

Andy Kemp [email protected]

Homeland Defense / National Programs

"My clearances are ts/sci with additional compartments"

Mails: with a mention of "I've been requested to be phoenix by a senior member at ODNI - someone That I don't say no to."