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ACE - analysis and control element

AECA - Arms Export Control Act

AJP - Allied Joint Publication

AKO - Army Knowledge Online

AO - area of operations

AOI area of interest

AOIR - area of intelligence responsibility

AOR - area of responsibility

AR - Army Regulation

ARNG - Army National Guard

ASC - Alarm Service Company

ASCC - Army Service Component Command

ASI - additional skill identifier

BCT - brigade combat team

BDA - battle damage assessment

BL - Bill of Lading

C2 - command and control

C3 - command, control, and communications

C4ISR - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

CA - Civil Affairs

CADNET - Collaboration and Data-Sharing Network

CAGE - Commercial and Government Entity

CFIUS - Committe on Foreign Investment in the United States

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CGS - common ground station

CI - counterintelligence

CM - Configuration Management

CNWDI - Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information

COA - course of action

COCOM - combatant command

COE - contemporary operational environment

COIN - counterinsurgency

COP - common operational picture

COR - Central Office of Record

CSA - Cognizant Security Agency

CSO - Cognizant Security Office

CTID - Contemporary Operational Environment and Threat Integration Directorate

CUSR - Central United States Registry

CVA - Central Verification Activity

DA - Department of the Army

DAA - Designated Accrediting/Approving Authority

DA IIS - Department of Army Intelligence Information System

DAC - Department of Army Civilian

DAVE - Digital Audio Video Enterprise

DCID - Director of Central Intelligence Directive

DCSINT - Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence

DGR - Designated Government Representative

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency

DNI - Director of National Intelligence

DOCEX - document exploitation

DODD - Department of Defense Directive

DOIM - Director of Information Management

DOS - Department of State

DSS - Defense Security Servce

DTG - date-time group

DTIC - Defense Technical Information Center

EAA - Export Administration Act

EBSCO - Elton B. Stephens Company

FCL - Facility (Security) Clearance

FGI - Foreign Government Information

FM - field manual

FMI - field manual-interim

FMSO - Foreign Military Studies Office

FOB - forward operating base

FOCI - Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence

FOUO - For Official Use Only

FP - force protection

FRD - Formerly Restricted Data

FRS - Federal Reserve System

FS - fire support

FSCC - (NATO) Facility Security Clearance Certificate

'FSO - Facility Security Officer

G2 - Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence

G3 - Assistant Chief of Staff, Operations

G7 - Assistant Chief of Staff, Information Operations

G9 - Assistant Chief of Staff, Civil Affairs

GCA - Government Contracting Activity

GCMS - Government Contractor Monitoring Station

GFE - Government Furnished Equipment

GMI - general military intelligence

GSC - Government Security Committee

GWOT - globar war on terrorism

HUMINT - human intelligence

HVT - high value target

I&W - indications and warnings

IC - Intelligence Community

IED - improvised explosive device

IFB - Invitation For Bid

IFV - infantry fighting vehicle

IIR - intelligence information report

IIS - Intelligence Information System

IMINT - imagery intelligence

INSCOM - US Army Intelligence and Security Command

INTELINK-SBU - Intelligence Link-sensitive but unclassified

IO - information operations

IP - Internet Protocol

IPB - intelligence preparation of the battlefield

IR - information requirement

IS - Information System

ISCAP - Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel

ISM - intelligence synchronization matrix

ISOO - Information Security Oversight Office

ISR - intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

ISSM - Information System Security Manager

ISSO - Information System Security Officer

ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations

JAC - Joint Analysis Center

JIOC - Joint Intelligence Operations Center or Command

JP - joint publication

JWICS - Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System

LAA - Limited Access Authorization

LEA - law enforcement agency

LEO - Law enforcement only

MACOM - major Army command

MASINT - measurement and signatures intelligence

MDCI - multidiscipline counterintelligence

MDMP - military decisionmaking process

METT-TC - mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, time available, and civil considerations

MFO - Multiple Facility Organization

MI - military intelligence

MISO - Military Information Support Operations (aka PSYOPS)

MOS - military occupational specialty

MSC - major subordinate command

MP - Military Police

NACLC - National Agency Check with Local Agency Check and Credit Check

NAI - named area of interest

NASIC - National Air and Space Intelligence Center

NCOIC - noncommissioned officer in charge

NEA - Northeast Asia

NIAG - NATO Industrial Advisory Group

NID - National Interest Determination

NISP - National Industrial Security Program

NGIC - National Ground Intelligence Center

NGO - nongovernmental organization

NIPRNET - Nonsecure Internet Protocol Router Network

NOFORN - Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals

NPLO - NATO Production Logistics Organization

NSI - National Security Information

OADR - Originating Agency's Determination Required

OB - order of battle

OPORD - operations order

OPSEC - operations security

ORCON - Dissemination and Extraction of Information Controlled by Originator

OSC - Open Source Center

OSINT - open source intelligence

PA - Public Affairs

PAO - public affairs officer

PCL - Personnel (Security) Clearance

PIR - priority intelligence requirement

PRINCE - Processing in a Collaborative Environment

PROPIN - Proprietary Information Involved

PSYOP - psychological operations

RD - Restricted Data

RFI - request for information

RFP - request for proposal

RFQ - Request for Quotation

RFV - Request for Visit

RISSNET - Regional Information Sharing System Network

S&T - science and technology

S&TI - scientific and technical intelligence

S1 - personnel staff officer

S2 - intelligence staff officer

S3 - operations staff officer

S4 - logistics staff officer

S5 - plans staff officer

S6 - command, control, communications and computer operations officer

S7 - information operations officer

S8 - financial management officer

S9 - civil-military operations officer

SA - South Asia

SALUTE - size, activity, location, unit, time, and equipment

SAP - Special Access Program

SCA - Security Control Agreement

SCI - sensitive compartmented information

SCIF - sensitive compartmented information facility

SEA - Southwest Asia

SIGINT - signals intelligence

SIO - Senior Intelligence Officer

SIPRNET - Secure Internet Protocol Router Network

SIR - specific information requirement

SITMAP - situation map

SJA - Staff Judge Advocate

SOIC - Senior Official of the Intelligence Community

SOP - standing operating procedure

SOW - statement of work

SQI - Special qualification identifier

SRI - Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence

SSA - Special Security Agreement

SSBI - Single Scope Background Investigation

SSP - Systems Security Plan

TACREP - tactical report

TCO - Technology Control Officer

TCP - Technology Control Plan

TDN - TROJAN Data Network

TECHINT - technical intelligence

TLP - troop-leading procedure

TOE - table of organization and equipment

TRADOC - US Army Training and Doctrine Command

TTP - tactics, techniques, and procedures

USAPACOM - US Army Pacific Command

USEUCOM - US European Company

USMC - United States Marine Corps

UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice

VAL - Visit Authorization Letter

WARNO - warning order

WBIL - World Basic Information Library

WEG - Worldwide Equipment Guide

WFF - warfighting function

WMD - weapon of mass destruction

XO - executive officer