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Ability Computers & Software Industries Ltd - or Ability - state that they 'specialize in off-air interception of cellular and satellite communication networks and deciphering solutions for cellular and satellite communications' and maintain a 'research and development center in Tel Aviv, Israel'.[1]

Contact Information

Major Players

  • 'Ability was founded in 1993 by a team of experts in military intelligence and communications who were joined by specialists in electronics and mathematics.'[2]

Anatoly Hurgin On his LinkedIn page Hurgin describes himself as the 'Owner and CEO' of Ability.[3]

  • Email - [email protected][4]
  • Mobile/Cell: +972 54 452 2538[5]
  • Google+ - https://plus.google.com/112272933501521587944/about

Alexander Aurovsky On his LinkedIn page Aurovsky describes himself as 'Manager' of Ability.[6]

Rony Reshef On his LinkedIn page Reshef describes himself as 'VP of Marketing & Sales' at Ability.[7]

  • Email - [email protected][8]
  • Mobile/Cell - +972 54 551 9060[9]
  • Employment History:[10]
    • Commenced at Ability March 2009.
    • 2004 – March 2009: Director of Marketing & Sales Dep. at Tadiran Electronic Systems
    • 2003 – 2004: VP of Business Development at Militram Industries
    • 1999 – 2002: Director of Product Managment at NICE Systems
    • 1980 – 2000: Research & Development at the Israeli Defense Force
  • Education: Shivtei Israel and Tel Aviv University where he gained a Bachelor of Science in Electronics.[11]


Ability has three main product lines - Cellular and Satellite interception and deciphering systems:

  • Cellular Interception: 'Our fully passive cellular interception solutions are based on state of the art technology and extensive field experience. Active GSM interception systems and IMSI/IMEI catchers are also available'.[12]
  • Satellite Interception: 'Our advanced satellite interception systems cover most of the major satellite systems: VSAT, Iridium and Thuraya. '[13]
  • Deciphering Systems: 'ABILITY interception solutions combine fully synchronized abilities with speeds that are up to 16 times quicker than conventional systems.'[14]

On Dec 1, 2011, as part of its 'Spy Files', Wikileaks released a brochure for Ability's '3G Interception / GSM Inbetween Interception System'.[15]

A number of products are included in their Epicos profile[16]. There are PDF brochures for:

  • SAS (SMS Advertizing System) English[17] & Spanish[18]
  • EM-GSM (Emergency GSM Communication) English[19] & Spanish[20]


  • Ability page at Bugged Planet [21]